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#Abbie explaining to Ichabod what Halloween is. #He then says, “Lieutenant, I would like to partake in such an occasion.” #Abbie agrees because he seems to be really excited. #Ichabod is not only excited to partake in the Halloween celebrations but also for Abbie. #He understands, from Abbie’s explanations, that Halloween is for children. #He also knows she did not have the most conventional of childhoods. #They will be partaking in this together, perhaps a new experience to be shared.


#They are too cute. #Guys he’s a donut. #Technically he’s in the middle so he’s a donut hole. #And his little carrier is the head of the headless horseman. #Abbie’s also a gorgeous little princess. #And just because she’s being feminine doesn’t mean she’s not tough either, because girlfriend is carrying her authorized police force firearm. #Also, height difference.

And, And, AND -

"Leftanant, I must politely request that you cease and desist from removing my confectioneries from my carrier before I have had a chance to sample them."

"You’ve sampled half the bucket of candy already ,” states Abbie, refusing to look up at his face before she succumbs to his godforsaken British charms. “I’ll explain diabetes to you later.”

"Leftenant - !"

"Reminder: I have a gun." Abbie points to the one on her hip. She doesn’t mention the one she has strapped to her lower back and thigh. A girl has to have some mystery to her.

OMFG. ya’ll literally made it 100x better with this. BLESS.




GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten (by GoProCamera)

So I’m legitimately crying.  There is good in the world after all.

I hope they caught the jerks who left that sweet little furball in there. Yay firemen.

It’s entirely possible (and probable) that the owners were left incapacitated as well.

there’s good people in the world after all, yay for the kitty!

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